Why do women need testosterone

-- Rick Gates, Trump’s deputy campaign aide and longtime associate of Paul Manafort, could be facing more charges in Mueller’s Russia probe. CNN’s Katelyn Polantz reports : “In a court appearance Monday in Manhattan, Gates' attorney Walter Mack said that federal prosecutors have told him that more charges, called superseding indictments, may be coming. ‘We don't know what the government is going to do,’ Mack said in court, referring to both Gates' case and a white-collar case in New York involving one of Gates' business partners. ‘I mean, in both cases we've been told that there may be a superseder. We don't know what's happening.’” Both Gates and Manafort were charged in October on 12 counts, including money laundering and foreign lobbying violations. Those charges are unrelated to Trump’s presidential campaign, though it's possible Mueller could add additional federal charges.

How much does Saudi Arabia hate women? So much so that 15 girls died in a school fire in Mecca in 2002, after “morality police” barred them from fleeing the burning building — and kept firefighters from rescuing them — because the girls were not wearing headscarves and cloaks required in public. And nothing happened. No one was put on trial. Parents were silenced. The only concession to the horror was that girls’ education was quietly taken away by then-Crown Prince Abdullah from the Salafi zealots, who have nonetheless managed to retain their vise-like grip on the kingdom’s education system writ large.

Why do women need testosterone

why do women need testosterone


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