When to treat low testosterone

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  1. Leana Simione says

    I am suffering from skin irritation like urticaria. Doctor has prescribed me hetrazin and wysolone and meliore at the time of starting the treatment that time my eosinophil count was 786 and platelet counts was 116000, after taking medicine for 10 days the platelets came down to 97000 and after taking medicine for another 7 days the pletelet counts went down to 38000. On the advice of dermatologist, I was checked by the doctor of internal medicine who advised me to continue medicine which I was taking for skin treatment and also suggested me to get myself admitted for blood transfusion etc. kindly suggest me some home treatment.

    When to treat low testosterone

    when to treat low testosterone


    when to treat low testosteronewhen to treat low testosteronewhen to treat low testosteronewhen to treat low testosteronewhen to treat low testosterone