Testosterone weight gain

Very thorough, informative article, thank you. However, I have 2 concerns with your advice to us skinny folk. Power lifters seem to think that everyone can do what they do, not so: 1) if you're small jointed then excess loads without adequate connective tissue strengthening will result in failure. Work on wrists especially before attempting those big presses etc. I now tape my wrists AND wear straps for every upper body session. 2) this really bugs me: stop & think WHY people are skinny, despite the volume of food they eat. Food intolerances!! If you're dairy or gluten intolerant (i'm both) then consuming your "half packet mac & cheese & full glass of milk" will be disasterous to gut health & could actually contribute to weight loss! If your gut is inflamed then you won't absorb all of the nutrients, period. If you suspect something is up, eliminate it from your diet for a week or 2 & see what happens, or see a naturopath/nutritionist.

“I just want to firstly say your weight gain course is fantastic! Before I saw this I was working out and managed to gain 15 pounds in 10 months on my own, (169-184 lbs.) but then I reached a plateau and couldn't make any more gains for an entire 5 months... Then I recently found your website through YouTube. I'm three and a half weeks into your program and I'm up 7 pounds already. (184-191 lbs.) The gain is coming as muscle and I'm feeling great! I'm working hard lifting weights and I'm taking only the supplements you recommend. Thanks so much for making a program that actually works and has excellent workouts!”

Testosterone weight gain

testosterone weight gain


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