Testosterone therapy depression

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However, the rewards of this treatment are what most patients are more interested in. For a man who has seen not only his health, but his entire lifestyle as well, become diminished by the symptoms caused by Low T, finding lasting relief from those symptoms is like being given a second chance at living a fulfilling life. To be able to restore that invigorating sense of virility; to see that healthy muscle tone return; to be able to have a satisfying sex life; to regain stamina and energy; these are all things that are truly valued by most men.

Testosterone is a hormone, known as an androgen, responsible for the development and maintenance of reproductive function and sexual characteristics in men. In men with hypogonadism, testosterone levels are abnormally low, affecting normal sexual development and function. Testosterone-containing medicines work by replacing the missing testosterone, helping to restore normal testosterone levels to ensure normal sexual development and function in men. Possible signs and symptoms include incomplete sexual development, decreased sexual function, infertility, fatigue, depressed mood, mild anaemia, reduced muscle bulk and strength and increased body fat.

Testosterone therapy depression

testosterone therapy depression


testosterone therapy depressiontestosterone therapy depressiontestosterone therapy depressiontestosterone therapy depressiontestosterone therapy depression