Testosterone patches side effects

The testing that was done of these testosterone patches was on almost 80 women aged 30 to 60 who had all had a hysterectomy. Over a six month period, some of the women wore low dose hormone patches and others wore what is known in the scientific world as a “placebo” which is an inactive patch. None of the women knew whether their patch was active or not, which is the main point. The women who received the active patch with the hormone being delivered reported a quote significant increase in their sex drive and also reported that their arousal and sexual satisfaction was doubled.

After a total of 28 days of therapy, 34 of the 35 subjects (97%) had serum testosterone C avg within the normal range during the dosing period, with the lower bound of the 95% confidence interval for this estimate being 85% (Table 3).  One subject who received ANDRODERM 4 mg/day treatment had serum testosterone C avg below 300 ng/dL and none had C avg concentrations above 1030 ng/dL.  The mean (SD) serum testosterone C max following treatment with the 2 mg/day (N = 4) and 4 mg/day (N = 31) systems was 648 (145) ng/dL and 696 (158) ng/dL, respectively. Table 3 summarizes testosterone C avg categories by treatment.

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Testosterone patches side effects

testosterone patches side effects


testosterone patches side effectstestosterone patches side effectstestosterone patches side effectstestosterone patches side effectstestosterone patches side effects