Testosterone molecule

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Furthermore, pre-treatment total testosterone was an independent predictor of extraprostatic disease in patients with localized prostate cancer; as testosterone decreases, patients have an increased likelihood of non-organ confined disease and low serum testosterone levels are associated with positive surgical margins in radical retropubic prostatectomy. A clinical implication of these results concerns androgen supplementation which has become easier to administer with the advent of transdermal preparations (patch or gel) that achieve physiological testosterone serum levels without supra physiological escape levels. During the clinical development of a new testosterone patch in more than 200 primary or secondary hypogonadal patients, no prostate cancer was diagnosed.

--The Two I's: Inflammation and Infection.  As mentioned, Hashimoto's is definitely an autoimmune disease which is usually a result of elevated inflammation levels. And, as discussed in this article, inflammation can also induce hypothyroidism in other key ways as well. The bottom line is that I think it would be prudent to check your CRP (C-Reactive Protein) levels and make sure they are less than along with any other key markers. For more information on the subject, see my link on Natural Ways to Lower Inflammation . Keep in mind that latent infections can raise inflammation, including things like gum disease and Super Bugs . So get a thorough checkup and keep digging.

Testosterone molecule

testosterone molecule


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