Testosterone increasing drugs

Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist
and Dr. Richard Cohen, .

. One last thing. And it could be important for some guys.

Have you ever thought about whether as a general rule, you’re an alpha male or a beta male?

What if I told you alpha male characteristics and qualities are more pronounced when men have optimal testosterone levels?

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Listen, having optimal and balanced sex hormones is one of those deciding advantages in social situations. Just ask your wife or girlfriend.

So am I claiming Truth About Testosterone will turn you into a alpha male?

Maybe, maybe not. But try it and see, ok? You have my 60-day guarantee, so there’s no risk.

I encourage you to secure your copy of Truth About Testosterone plus the bonuses at this discounted introductory price while you can.

Testosterone makes you angry.  This is probably the most common myth about T. The reality is that there’s no concrete evidence that high testosterone levels cause anger and violent outbursts. In fact, the opposite might be true; low testosterone, not high T, is what causes anger and irritability in men. As discussed above, having low T levels has been linked to depression in men and it just so happens that two of the primary symptoms of depression in men are increased angry outbursts and irritability. So if you’re chronically angry, you might be depressed, and you might be depressed because you have low T. As I mentioned above, I became  less  moody and irritable during my experiment, which I attribute to the boost in my testosterone levels.

Testosterone increasing drugs

testosterone increasing drugs


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