Testosterone in sport

I’ve been a vegan for years. As a meat eater my health was sh*t and I was a skinny weakling. I’ve gained about 50 pounds of muscle since I went vegan, and can outperform most non-vegans at the gym or in the bedroom. If you want actual studies that explain why this happened to me and why many athletes are moving to a whole foods, plant-based diet during their training seasons, check out Dr. Gregor’s http:/// . You’ll learn that vegans actually have MORE testosterone on average than vegetarians or meat eaters (according to a UK study of 700 men, the largest study ever conducted comparing vegans to non-vegans). Show me a study with a larger sample size demonstrating the opposite, I’d love to see it!

Testosterone in sport

testosterone in sport


testosterone in sporttestosterone in sporttestosterone in sporttestosterone in sporttestosterone in sport