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Magness returned to his desk. He sat nervously for 15 minutes before working up the courage to follow his parents' advice, hoping there was a convincing reason for what he saw. Instead, Magness says Salazar immediately impugned the sanity of longtime Nike lab physiologist, Loren Myhre, and suggested that Myhre's battle with ALS must have diminished his faculties. (Myhre passed away in 2012, but the record Magness asked about was from 2002, a year when Myrhe was given an award by Nike for his work, according to an obituary .) Salazar said Myhre was "crazy and he must be mixing it up with something else," Magness says.

Bottom Line – The company website details the contact information and seems to make accessing customer service an easy process. Since the only complaints, we could find centered around refunds, we called the customer service number to speak with a representative. The person we spoke with assured us that the company always honors the stated guarantee. He was very pleasant, but then again, we weren’t asking him for money. There are no BBB complaints or cases filed. However, it seems difficult to trust a company that provides no information on either of its aliases.

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