Test cyp eq cycle results

Throughout that time, I looked into what steroids could do for me. The thing that got me most was the study that said I could build more muscle by taking steroids and sitting on my ass compared to not taking steroids and working out diligently. Of course, working out diligently while taking steroids lets you build far more muscle than either of those. That's what I wanted. I'm 27, I had gotten my eating and exercising habits down pretty well. My only regret is that I didn't do that 5 years prior, and I wanted to make up for lost time.

Even though this is your first time around those doses are low. Both myself and AR and zillion other guys have said the around 500 (I thiink he said 600) mgs of test is the number you want to shoot for if gaining size is the goal. As for 400 mgs of eq I ran that low once and wasn't happy, that was of course after the first time I ran it around 600 mgs a week and I LIKED IT ALOT!. Do you have the hunger? If not up it/get some more and run it around 500-600. IMO 600 and 600 would have been great or even 500 and 500. Not sure that really helps at all right now though?

Test cyp eq cycle results

test cyp eq cycle results


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