Symptoms testosterone deficiency

A total of 2641 men had normal TT ( ± [mean ± SD] nmol/liter)/normal cFT (326 ± 74 pmol/liter), 277 men had normal TT ( ± )/low cFT (194 ± 23), 96 men had low TT ( ± )/normal cFT (247 ± 20), and 320 men had low TT ( ± )/low cFT (160 ± 55). Men with normal TT/low cFT were older and in poorer health. They had higher SHBG and LH and reported more sexual and physical symptoms, whereas hemoglobin and bone ultrasound parameters were lower compared to the referent group. Men with low TT/normal cFT were younger and more obese. They had lower SHBG, but LH was normal, whereas features of androgen deficiency were lacking.

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Symptoms testosterone deficiency

symptoms testosterone deficiency


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