Supplementing testosterone

Amylase is involved in anti-inflammatory reactions such as those caused by the release of histamine and similar substances. The inflammatory response usually occurs in organs which are in contact with the outside world, ., the lungs and skin. These include skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, hives, insect bites, allergic bee and bug stings, atopic dermatitis, and all types of herpes. Some lung problems including asthma and emphysema may require amylase plus other enzyme formulas depending on the particular condition.

Its patented process increases absorption of this liver protecting formula up to ten times more than any 80% standardized brand. And, on this website,  you can see the scientific medical studies  that prove its superiority. Maximum Milk Thistle® also contains  over   2x   the amount of silybin  than standard milk thistle formulas of the same dosage, providing over 2x the benefit. Medical researchers agree that  silybin   is the most beneficial active ingredient in milk thistle and is responsible for the majority of milk thistle’s liver-protective qualities . Up to   10x   the absorption and   over 2x   the amount of silybin means up to   20x   the effectiveness. *  

Supplementing testosterone

supplementing testosterone


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