Recovery eq side effects

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a tsunami warning immediately after the initial quake, [45] but quickly cancelled it. [46] Nearly two weeks later it was reported that the beach of the small fishing town of Petit Paradis was hit by a localised tsunami shortly after the earthquake, probably as a result of an underwater slide, and this was later confirmed by researchers. [2] At least three people were swept out to sea by the wave and were reported dead. Witnesses told reporters that the sea first retreated and a "very big wave" followed rapidly, crashing ashore and sweeping boats and debris into the ocean. [47]

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While a Mercalli Intensity of VIII ( Severe ) covered a large swath of territory relatively close to the epicenter (including the cities of Los Gatos, Santa Cruz, and Watsonville ) further to the north, portions of San Francisco were assessed at intensity IX ( Violent ). At more than 44 miles (70 km) distant, the San Francisco Bay Area recorded peak horizontal accelerations that were as high as g , and close to the epicenter they peaked at more than g . In a general way, the location of aftershocks of the event delineated the extent of the faulting, which (according to seismologist Bruce Bolt ) extended about 24 miles (40 km) in length. Because the rupture took place bilaterally, the duration of strong shaking was about half of what it would have been had it ruptured in one direction only. The duration of a typical shock with a comparable rupture length would have been about twice as long. [7]

Recovery eq side effects

recovery eq side effects


recovery eq side effectsrecovery eq side effectsrecovery eq side effectsrecovery eq side effectsrecovery eq side effects