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Secondly, I will begin with stating that I have no issues with ED whatsoever. However I do use sildenafil for fun on those special occasions when I want to be Superman. I did notice that OS has some of the most extensive selections of inexpensive ED products offered today. I decided to order a bunch and compare the brands, products, and dosages.
First thing, all sildenafil products ordered and used were legit and all were effective. I will say that the Cenforce 100 , 150, and 200 were good. Felt effects for all 3 in just under 2 hours depending along with the usual sides which are dose dependant. Slight head rush, nasal congestion, and at times headache.
The kamagra flavored chewable tablets worked faster than the standard cenforce pills. I would say in about an hour the tablets effects were noticeable.
My two favorite products however are the Fildena 100 sublingual as I experienced high effectiveness, less harsh side effects, and a faster delivery time. I noticed the effect of the sublingual in under and hour to less depending on food intake prior. The Kamagra flavored Jelly works the fastest for sure. On an empty stomach the effects can be felt within 20 - 30 minutes. However many of the flavors had a poor taste and after taste that lingered.

At my company we have a kind of time reporting application. If I book the activities the same day, there is no problem. But after a week, it is not always straightforward to remember what I exactly did on a given day. To have a rough estimate, how many hours I overall and separated for projects worked, I usually make use of data sources like Event Viewer (first and last entries daily in the Windows Logs / System ), Exchange (mails sent and receive), Internet Explore (sites visited in Browser History ) and TFS (check-ins and task history).

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