Parasound eq 300

I just purchased a pair of KEF LS50 wireless speakers. They have numerous options for inputting the music and are self-amped, to boot. USB, ethernet, RCA analog and optical in for hard wired plus wi-fi and bluetooth for the wireless. Right now, I have them plugged via the RCA Pre-amp out jacks of my (10 year old but still works great) Yamaha home theater receiver. I’m thinking an option with these Yamaha WXC units would be to wire them in such a way as to have the optical out be a better source for the KEFs than the RCA’s, if that makes sense. My goal is to get more into the hi-resolution music via Tidal or Roon, et al, plus I have around 15,000 songs in our iTunes library. I know the KEF’s can make all of this sound better if I get the right gear to feed them. They also have built-in DAC’s, along with the internal amplification. So, will either of these Yamaha units fill the bill? Would the pre-amp one work best because I don’t need additional amplification? Or, would you recommend some other route? Call me spoiled, but I do still want them to work as my front right and left speakers when playing movies and video through our Apple TV () unit or our Blu-ray player. Thanks

Bowers & Wilkins has introduced a new speaker line, the 700 Series, that incorporates technologies from the flagship 800 Series Diamond line at a lower price point. The 700 Series includes eight new models (three towers, three stand-mount speakers, and two center channels), all of which use the Continuum midrange driver from the 800 Series and feature a new Carbon Dome  tweeter. Prices range from $600 to $2,250 each. The company has also announced a new subwoofer: the 10-inch DB4S ($1,600). Check out the press release below for more details on the complete line.

Parasound eq 300

parasound eq 300


parasound eq 300parasound eq 300parasound eq 300parasound eq 300parasound eq 300