Naturally low testosterone

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  • Treating type 1 diabetes: fact vs fiction 32:42 Dr. Jake Kushner explains why we would be better off treating type 1 diabetic patients with a low-carb diet.
  • How to avoid complications of type 1 diabetes 37:28 Why are the recommendations to people with diabetes to eat a high-carb diet a bad idea? And what is the alternative?
  • Carbs or not for type 1 diabetics? 14:46 How much simpler is it to control type 1 diabetes on low carb compared to on a high-carb diet? Andrew Koutnik has had great success managing his condition with a low-carb, high-fat diet.
  • Get off the type 1 diabetes roller coaster 11:31 Dr. Ali Irshad Al Lawati, type 1 diabetic and a doctor, talks about how to manage the disease on a low-carb diet.
  • A revolutionary treatment of type 1 diabetes 13:02 How does LCHF work with type 1 diabetes? Hanna Boëthius' story about what happened when she started to eat a low-carb diet as a type 1 diabetic.
  • Treating type 1 diabetes with a keto diet 20:03 Dr. Ian Lake talks about treating type 1 diabetic patients with a ketogenic diet.
  • Improve type 1 diabetes with low carb 38:39 Dr. Keith Runyan has type 1 diabetes and eats low carb. Here's his experience, the good news and his concerns.
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Naturally low testosterone

naturally low testosterone


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