Natural ways to increase testerone

My weight gain primarily comes from blood pressure pills, beta blockers (10 lbs) which I switched to calcium channel blockers, 15 lbs in 18 months. Also post menopausal and have a inflammatory mast cell disorder which causes flushing. Studies have found that avocado oil is superior to coconut and olive oil in monosaturated fats. Walnuts and seeds are superior to peanuts, and soybeans have been found to be contraindicated and should be avoided. Quercetin is a great ANTI-INFLAMMATORY and I take a supplement. Unfortunately, short of liposuction, I cannot lose weight no matter how much I exercise or eat healthy. I have tried berberine and bilberry but have had interactions with my blood pressure medication. There is a 4th generation calcium channel blocker used in Japan and India that improves adioponectin, thus improving insulin resistance and improving glucose metabolism which causes weight loss but is not FDA approved. I found a site to order w/a doctor’s prescription.

NRDC is working with local, state, and federal officials to ensure that energy efficiency plays a key role in reducing carbon pollution from the power sector, which account for 40 percent of . emissions. Numerous states and the federal government have acted to limit carbon pollution from the power sector. In 2005, nine states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic joined together in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), which NRDC helped develop. A year later, California imposed economy-wide carbon pollution standards as part of the state’s landmark legislation to address its contribution to climate change.

There is some good advice here and a lot of hot air.
1. Masturbation has nothing to do with reduced anything. An ejaculation is an ejaculation.
2. Watching porn has no effect on reduced testosterone. If you are addicted to porn, that's something else and there are groups to help you (Sex Addicts Anonymous; no joke)
3. Working out with weights helps a lot.
4. Long distance running can lower your testosterone if you do too much of it. So just keep an eye on your distances.
5. Zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids plus Vitamins D and C helps a lot.
6. Start massaging your penis daily. JELQUING. Get the flow of blood going into it DAILY. Like milking a cow, gently pull the blood into the blood filling chambers. If you keep this up, you will also notice harder, stronger erections.
7. Talk to hot girls. Even if you don't ask them out. Talking to them gets your testosterone production going. Plus, you'll get in the habit and it will become easier.
8. Jerk off at night before bed if you don't have a girlfriend. If you have one, screw her EVERY NIGHT. Do whatever you can to get it going.
9. If you take a supplement, don't take more than 50 mgs or you could experience side effects. And don't keep it up for more than three months.
10. Wear boxers, not briefs.

Natural ways to increase testerone

natural ways to increase testerone


natural ways to increase testeronenatural ways to increase testeronenatural ways to increase testeronenatural ways to increase testeronenatural ways to increase testerone