Natural testosterone supplements

Although testosterone replacement therapy makes a substantial improvement in the physical, mental and emotional health for many men, lifestyle medicine changes cannot be overlooked. These lifestyle pieces are the foundation on which everything else in the human body functions. Without an optimal daily lifestyle, hormone replacement may help to “solve” the problem for a short period of time but will not be the long-term solution for which most men are looking. Below you will find four daily habits which should be added to every male’s life to support natural testosterone production or, if testosterone replacement is used, to create a healthful foundation on which these exogenous hormones can work optimally.

hi man,
i am eating onion everyday since one week. it makes me horney and i control ejaculation better. i go to gym twice a week and i am doing progressive overload plus once a week sprint 8 workout. everything is better after eating onion. i want to add one thing that can be usefull. that is i have added “kıbrıs pastırması” means a kind of traditional mixing mince with some herb and spice which has 50 percent animal fat. i thing there is synergy with onion and fat to produce more testosterone. since collesterol is the main thing to make testosteron, onion makes it turn to more testosteron.

Natural testosterone supplements

natural testosterone supplements


natural testosterone supplementsnatural testosterone supplementsnatural testosterone supplementsnatural testosterone supplementsnatural testosterone supplements