Low testosterone alternative treatment

During your initial visit, we will check your testosterone levels in our laboratory. The test only takes a few minutes and will be taken by one of our professional medical staff that is dedicated to helping you get your quality of life back.  A PLAN FOR YOU You will have your test results the next day.  If your test indicates that your testosterone levels are below normal, our medical professionals at The Louisville Men’s Clinic will discuss the different treatment options. FOLLOW UPS We will either ship the testosterone to you for self administration or you can return to our clinic every 7-10 days to receive a testosterone booster. Each subsequent visit will be short and our clinic can be flexible with your schedule.  Have the Courage to Seek Diagnosis and Treatment for Low Testosterone At Louisville Men’s Clinic, our experienced physicians are thorough who take a look at your total health finding the best treatment for your low testosterone. All of your body’s systems work together during sexual situations, so we consider all factors that may be contributing to your condition. We may order blood tests to determine your exact testosterone levels for a more accurate diagnosis.

“My family doctor basically told me that I had to live with my Low T problem which was not something I wanted to hear. He told me this for 2 years and in fact it made me so mad that I am no longer his patient. I decided to get checked at TCT. After a thorough evaluation, including checking my blood, they told me that Low T was not something that I had to live with and in fact, they have helped with my other medical problems. They are treating my blood pressure, cholesterol and erection problems as well. I’m in my late forties and finally feel like I have been “tuned-up”. I feel better than I have in years which allows me to focus less on me and more on the things I find important. Thank you to everyone who helped get me where I am, including my ex-doctor. Keep up the good work TCT!” — Todd J.

If you think you may have Low T symptoms or are suffering from Andropause (Hypogonadism), don't hesitate to contact a Hormone Therapy Physician at one of our male hormone replacement clinics today. You can get tested for Low T with a fast, easy lab test and start treatment right away with a prescription. Find a Testosterone Doctor & Clinics for hormone testing, diagnoses and treatment. Our Testosterone Therapy Doctors , Urologists and Endocrine Physicians have successfully treated over 18,000 patients. Our Testosterone Therapy Centers utilize the most progressive hormone treatment protocols backed up with training from the Mayo Clinic® and Cleveland Clinic®. Fill out the Quick Info Request Form to speak to a Testosterone Specialist and to receive the best pricing for Testosterone Injections and other hormone replacement medications like HCG and HGH Human Growth Hormone.

Low testosterone alternative treatment

low testosterone alternative treatment


low testosterone alternative treatmentlow testosterone alternative treatmentlow testosterone alternative treatmentlow testosterone alternative treatmentlow testosterone alternative treatment