How to make natural testosterone

It is a gift to share knowledge. Salaam was generous with his knowledge, answering our many questions, but he also gave freely of himself. He was generous with his time (we never wanted to leave the classroom and truly would have stayed making perfumes through the night!), with his wonderful materials (letting us compose freely with materials of exceptional rarity and value), with his encouragement of our efforts and his supportiveness of our need to keep working, blending and bringing ideas to life. We blended compulsively, and each of us responded to, and was moved by, the essences he shared so generously with us. Salaam gave us the knowledge, tools, confidence and support to share ourselves through scent, fearlessly. I am forever grateful.

I just made this using marshmallow root…amazing!! I used a scale to measure and it turned out perfect! I did 2oz each of sweet almond oil & coconut oil, 1oz each of shea butter and marshmallow root in a double boiler on low heat for 30 minutes. I strained the oils through cheese cloth, wiped out the bowl (to remove any excess root fiber), transferred the oil back into the bowl, & added 1/2oz beeswax. Once everything was melted I transferred it into 2oz jars (they are the same size opening as my Pittie’s paw). I will definitely make this again & likely give it as gifts to friends with pups.

How to make natural testosterone

how to make natural testosterone


how to make natural testosteronehow to make natural testosteronehow to make natural testosteronehow to make natural testosteronehow to make natural testosterone