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This looks like a very informative page that you have put together!
I’m currently looking at making my gas dryer a boat anchor, as I am not having a fair amount of success.
I purchased the unit used, and was told that it wwas setup for LP, and ready to go.
When all hooked up, however, all I get is a rotating drum, and the ignitor attempting to light, but doesn’t seem to be getting the gas (supply) to ignite???
I just installed both coils new about an hour ago. … ?
I have also attempted jumping out the thermal fuse?
At a loss for the next step? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks again for the page.

RE: Toilet flange too low:
I have 3/4 inch from top of existing “repair” flange and the top of the tile. The drain is 4 inch ABS and the toilet is almost new Amer Std Champion 4. Since the repair flange encircles the ABS flange and is somewhat irregular I would not want to depend on the flange to be the primary “seal” (the existing j bolts even have nuts which keep the repair halves together protruding on top of the flange making it even more irregular). I really like the idea of the seal provided by the Fernco or the Fluidmaster since I have nice clean ABS to deal with. On the other end I am not thrilled with the toilet side connectiions used even though the horn is nice shape and quite clean. I do not wish to take up the repair flange since it goes into wood floor with no below access without tearing out first floor ceiling. Floor is solid at this time and I did similar install on another second floor unit with same repair flange/toilet using two wax rings (no leaks or smells after one year, but after reading all the horror stories I am concerned, especially since it is. second floor.
If I go with your concept using less rings could I not use nuts on j bolts to pull down the spacers into the wax???.
Also, someone recommended using two stacked Sani-Seals since I am only 3/4 inch away. If the primary seal of the sani-seal was the ABS flange as opposed to the repair flange that would provide good seal. If the seal is the top surface of the repair flange I would be concerned. Still unsure how this seals holds up over time though.

How to fix low testosterone in men

how to fix low testosterone in men


how to fix low testosterone in menhow to fix low testosterone in menhow to fix low testosterone in menhow to fix low testosterone in menhow to fix low testosterone in men