Haldol et maladie d'alzheimer

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Today, despite the political centralization of France and the important influence of the media, Breton is still spoken as an everyday language by about 500,000 people. This is, however, down from million in 1930. At the beginning of the 20th century, half the population of Lower Brittany knew only Breton, the other half being bilingual. By 1950, there were only 100,000 Bretons, with even fewer nowadays. A statistical survey performed in 1997 found around 300,000 speakers in Breizh izel, of which about 190,000 were aged 60 or over. Probably less than 2% of 15-19 year-olds spoke Breton. Monoglottism (Greek monos, alone, solitary, + glotta, tongue, language) is the condition of being able to speak only a single language...

Haldol et maladie d'alzheimer

haldol et maladie d'alzheimer


haldol et maladie d'alzheimerhaldol et maladie d'alzheimerhaldol et maladie d'alzheimerhaldol et maladie d'alzheimerhaldol et maladie d'alzheimer