Flupenthixol decanoate injection site

Three studies in total compared high doses (100 to 200 mg) of flupenthixol decanoate with the standard doses (~40mg) per injection. Two trials found relapse at medium term (n = 18, 1 RCT , RR , CI to , low quality evidence ) to be similar between the groups. However people receiving a high dose had slightly more favourable medium term mental state results on the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS) (n = 18, 1 RCT , MD -, CI - to -, low quality evidence ). There was also no significant difference in the use of anticholinergic medications to deal with side effects at short term (2 RCTs n = 47, RR , CI to very low quality evidence ). One trial comparing a very low dose of flupenthixol decanoate (~6 mg) with a low dose (~9 mg) per injection reported no difference in relapse rates (n = 59, 1 RCT , RR , CI to , low quality evidence ).

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Flupenthixol decanoate injection site

flupenthixol decanoate injection site


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