Equipoise yoga

John Schumacher — John Schumacher is the founder and director of Unity Woods Yoga Center, Washington’s premier yoga studio. He has practiced yoga for more than 40 years and has taught in the Washington area since 1973. John studied in India with . Iyengar for 33 years, and is a certified advanced Iyengar Yoga teacher, one of only 13 teachers in the . to hold that level of certification. John also spent many years studying with internationally acclaimed teacher Dona Holleman. John’s clear, precise style and his engaging sense of humor have made him one of the country’s leading yoga teachers. Yoga Journal described him as “one of 25 originals shaping yoga in America.” John has written for a variety of publications and has appeared in numerous local and national media, including . News and World Report, The Washington Post, Washingtonian Magazine, The Washington Times, PBS, Yoga Journal, and many others. He has spoken about the practice and benefits of yoga on radio and television and at conferences and events around the nation. In 2007, he was a keynote speaker at the first NIH conference on alternative health. In over 40 years as a teacher, John has taught thousands of students, including many of the Washington area’s most prominent yoga teachers. He continues to travel across the . and throughout the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean, where he conducts workshops for students and teachers of all levels.

Yoga is the discipline of the mind, senses and physical body. Yoga helps in the co-ordination and control of the subtle forces within the body. Yoga brings in perfection, peace and everlasting happiness. Yoga can help you in your business and in your daily life. You can have calmness of mind at all times by the practice of Yoga. You can have restful sleep. You can have increased energy, vigour, vitality, longevity and a high standard of health. Yoga transmutes animal nature into divine nature and raises you to the pinnacle of divine glory and splendour.

Visualize all of the arrows within their double pyramids anchored deep into Earth’s core, as well as rising high above Her surface.
Hear the song of the whales resonating from the water, as they lead the chant for Unity.
Hear the birds of the air, as they become the chorus.
Hear the animals of the earth, as they lift their voices to be heard.
Hear the Celestial Choir of the ethers, as it joins with the Song of Spirit.
Soon the moment of the NOW will signal for the arrows to be sprung.
The Light and the Dark form the foundations of the pyramids.
These foundations rest gently on the surface of the Mother.
The arrows have their feathers deeply embedded in the core of the Mother where they meet as ONE.

Equipoise yoga

equipoise yoga


equipoise yogaequipoise yogaequipoise yogaequipoise yogaequipoise yoga