Eq-300 filter

The PureMaster™ V-300™ Whole Home Unit (or drinking water system) is designed for maximum contact time to ensure optimum filtration for about 300,000 gallons of water or 3–5 years of use for an average household. The PureMaster V-300 is a Point-of-Entry (POE) system designed for municipally treated water, but may also be used, in many cases, as a well water filter or treatment system. The PureMaster V-300 may serve as a mild water softener, depending on your specific water conditions, or, it may also be installed after a water softener.

This is a replacement filter cartridge for the .35 micron post filter which is an additional accessory for the Rhino municipal whole house filter and and is included with the Rhino well water filter . It is designed to remove particles down to .35 microns which is 60 times smaller than the human eye can see. Some of the contaminants removed would include insoluble minerals as well as cysts. It is used as a water polishing agent and is an additional level of protection for you and your family in case of a cryptosporidium or giardia outbreak. It is recommended this post filter be replaced every 9 to 12 months. To find out more about how this filter can benefit you please call 1-866-523-4099 and talk to one of our expert water consultants.

The system is easy to install with the help of a licensed plumber and requires no electricity or back-flushing. It installs where your water line enters your home - typically where your hot water heater is located. It can be installed inside or outside your home, and needs only be protected from extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. The system comes with everything you need for installation. System maintenance is easy: just replace the two main filter tanks every 600,000 gallons / million litres (about 5-7 years for the average household), and you can replace them yourself without a plumber's assistance. Simply shut off the water at your system with the provided valve, detach your main tanks (bottom and top tanks), and replace them with the new EQ-600R tanks. No messy, time-consuming, media-only replacements required. The process takes minutes.

Eq-300 filter

eq-300 filter


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