Do girls have testosterone

Of course, adolescence is difficult for most kids, but it is especially challenging for autistic girls. Many can cope with the far simpler world of elementary school friendships, but they hit a wall with the “mean girls” of junior high and the subtleties of flirting and dating. Moreover, puberty involves unpredictable changes such as breast development, mood swings and periods—and there are few things that autistic people hate more than change that occurs without warning. “She would like to have a boyfriend—that's why she loves the boy bands,” says Halliday, adding that she thinks Grainne may not understand what such a relationship would really mean.

this is so true but it doesnt hurt to be a good girl i mean dont get in trouble bc a guy likes it i mean if you want to be a ”bad girl” then okay have fun going to jail but be a ”good girl” guys love it when your sweet and it makes the guy feel as if they will hurt hurt you so instead of being ”ruff” with you they will be ”loveful” (i dont know of thats a real word lol) so who are YOU on the inside A: the ”bad girl” that is only used for sex or B: the sweet little girl that your boyfriend will LOVE instead of just being a sex toy

Do girls have testosterone

do girls have testosterone


do girls have testosteronedo girls have testosterone