Boldenone erectile dysfunction

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 In the human body, boldenone changed by the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase in a very potent androgen dihydroboldenon (about 7 times more anabolic than testosterone), but has very low affinity, leading to the conclusion that much of the anabolic effects of boldenone is formed by 5-alpha reduced form as in the case of most anabolic steroids. Like most anabolic steroids increase muscle mass by increasing nitrogen retention and positive influence protein synthesis, which is not necessary to add androgenic agent such as for Nandrolone. Its estrogenic effects are very mild, which can be considered more positive than negative phenomenon.

Equipoise is available as 250-400mg/ml injectable vials and ampoules. An effective dose is 250mg per week or up to 2mg per pound of body weight. Equipoise can be used for the full length of the steroid cycle however the concentration of boldenone accumulates in the body due to its long 14-day half-life undecylenate ester. It stacks well with anavar at 20-25mg every day or dianabol at 15-20mg every day or testosterone cypionate at 250mg per week to increase muscle growth or winstrol at 50mg every other day to increase muscle hardness.

Boldenone erectile dysfunction

boldenone erectile dysfunction


boldenone erectile dysfunctionboldenone erectile dysfunctionboldenone erectile dysfunctionboldenone erectile dysfunctionboldenone erectile dysfunction