Bodybuilding testosterone pills

In a study conducted on seventy four men; forty two men had normal glucose levels, twenty three had prediabetes and nine suffered from type 2 diabetes. After administering the same amount of sugar solution to all participant, researchers found that the glucose solution decreased blood levels of testosterone by as much as 25 percent, regardless of whether the men had diabetes , prediabetes or normal glucose tolerance. There are many health benefits involved in cutting sugar, however for body builders this may be your best motivation yet. By eating clean and cutting down on unhealthy carbohydrates you will allow your body a better chance at producing maximal amounts of testosterone. [2]

Great article. I found this while researching the IM Forums where you also have great info as well. I’ve read quite a bit all over the web. There’s so much confusion over this. I don’t have an opinion either for or against and can read between the lines/blurs/mumbo jumbo of what’s in print and find minimal reality of any facts supporting true positive results for any OTC T-booster product. This still leaves me in a quandary. I’m currently doing a cycle of 1-Andro/Anabolic Matrix and would like to keep my gains if any result from it. With all OTC products being pretty much useless for boosting test what would be a viable option for doing so as a PCT??

Bodybuilding testosterone pills

bodybuilding testosterone pills


bodybuilding testosterone pillsbodybuilding testosterone pillsbodybuilding testosterone pillsbodybuilding testosterone pillsbodybuilding testosterone pills